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Creativity lives.

The Arcadia design team has created interiors that focus on luxurious materials and craftsmanship.

As the population and economy of Flushing Queens continue to grow, and as all trades and businesses keep increasing at a rapid rate, choices in true top-quality commerial buildings are in disastrously short supply.

Flushing, Queens

New York's most energetic neighborhood!

This carefully planned sequence of extravagantly landscaped parks, each with its own identity and relationship to nature, was designed to offer the widest possible variety of recreational experiences in a single location..

The Arcadia Condo is a 12-story mixed use commercial, community facility and residential condominium containing 48,000 square feet of retail space,  24 community facilities, 79 luxury residential units and over 280 parking spaces. The building is located on one of Queens most energetic neighborhood at the busy intersection of Main Street and Franklin Avenue​

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