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Current Practitioners List:

- Internist

​- Pe​diatrist

- Cardiologist

- Otolaryngologist

- Dermatologist

- Hematologist

- Pediatric Dentist

- Dental Orthodontists

- Dentist

Education, the key to our children's brighter future; the foundation to a better community; is also a rope that can carry us to greatness.

At Arcadia, we value the importance of education. We designed and dedicated the whole 2nd floor as a school and education facility to serve the community.

Retail - Leasing Inquiry

Medical - Leasing Inquiry


As the population and economy of Flushing Queens continue to grow, and as all trades and businesses keep increasing at a rapid rate, choices in true top-quality commerial buildings are in disastrously short supply. Recognizing this, and following years in development, we are now proud to present Arcadia Condo, a mix-used project devoted to serve the "New Downtown" of Queens with 1st Floor and Cellar Retails consist of over 48,000 square feet of retail spaces. Just bring your imagination and passion, this can be the place that make your dream a reality.

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